Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Our boiler has broken so we have no heating or hot water!! The sky is really bright and I am sure that it must be 0% out there and it is soooo cold. I am waiting for the nice man from the gas company to hopefully work his magic and give me heat!! I thouhgt that I would post some things to make me feel warm?I love faux fur throws and have a few draped over various chairs in my living room and I could do with a couple more right now!!
Oh to be lying here right now - feeling the sun beating down on my face (with a high factor suncream of course!)

We have a wonderful ornate fireplace but unfortunately it is not a working one!

I just loved this picture to be wrapped up warm going for long walk.

I think I will make myself a warming hot chocolate - at least my cooker still works so I can boil the milk!!
Hopefully in my next post I will be able to feel my fingers when I type?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Rainy Day Glamour

I am sitting here listening to the rain pouring down and thought that I would share some more glamourous fixes to cheer me up:

Veronica Lake - the 40's movie star with her trademark "peekaboo" haircut.

Jimmy Choo shoes - what more can a girl say!

Halston - I am still onthe look out for a fabulous original piece that my bank manager won't have a heart attack over, you never know one day it my turn up. In the mean time I am watching some lovely lookie like ones on Ebay so fingers crossed.

Tom Ford - his clothes really were powerful and glamourous - also on my wish list?

So here are just a few glamour updates. I want to get out and take some pictures myself now that the party season and all the fabulous decorations and window dressing are appearing but my digital camera died on me last week. So Santa if you are reading this a new one in my stocking would be good!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Glamour update

I'm sitting here on the sofa feeling sorry for myself nursing a rotten cold, so I thought that I would find some more glamorous things to cheer myself up so here they are and I hope that you find something amongst them that you love too - leave me your comments and let me know what you think is wonderful and glamorous!

La Fumoir at Claridges - is a fashion pack favourite but I just love the sheer decadence of it. You feel as though you have stepped back in time to one of the most glamorous eras - the 30's!
Jo Malone candles always make me feel better - I have them all over the house they smell wonderful and you don't even have to light them. My other favourite product is her Red Roses bath oil - just to lie back with a glass of champagne is bliss.

I love this book - all those shoes, diamonds what more could a girl want?
A few movies that always manage to cheer me up and make me feel better.

This film always makes me feel better - the clothes, locations and cosmos!

Another favourite so glamorous!

Cary and Audrey in Charade - need I say more?

One of my most favourite films ever - the ultimate little black dress movie.

To Catch a Thief - everything about this movie is wonderful - the clothes, it's stars, the scenery

These pictures by Cecil Beaton ( I was flicking through one of my numerous coffee table books and came across some of his photos) - I just love the gowns - I just need to find an event so I can wear one similar and the photo of Babe Paley (another of my most fabulous people) and her sister in the 30's.

Friday, 6 November 2009

My Glamour List

The December issue of British Vogue comes with a Glamour supplement and as this blog is all about glamour I thought I would add a few of my own to the list:

SJP always looks fabulous - her alter ego Carrie may be all about fashion in real life Sarah is totally a glamour girl.

As I have mentioned before I love this lady - she looks so amazing for her age and sooo glam>

Cate takes risks with her looks but manages to pull it off every time and who could forget her as Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator.

What a couple - they look so good together! Quirky but totally fabulous!

One of the most elegant men ever. He always looked immaculate and timeless. My favourite rainy day treat is a glass of wine, box of chocs and a box set of Cary Grant movies.

Capri - one of my most favourite places - sitting on the harbour watching the yachts come in or lunching at Hotel Quisisana. Then at night the island lights all the tourists have gone and the beautiful people come out to play.

I love this picture - such fun to see The Duke and Duchess doing something silly ( and our friends say that we remind them of this couple - with our sense of style and entertaining!!?)

Izzy Blow was never afraid to dress up and look glamorous - I can imagine her looking this good even when putting out her rubbish!

My must visit every time I go to Paris, I just love sitting outside and people watching.

The Blue Bar at the Berkley is a totally wonderful place to have cocktails , it is always a great place to start off an evening when we are in London - lovely barman bring delicious cocktails to your table along with naughty nibbles.

I will keep adding to my glamour list and when I get my self more organised with posting my blog it will become a regular weekly update.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

1940's Glamour

Here we are at the 1940's weekend event at Sheringham Station. It was a fabulous weekend and there were so many people looking wonderfully glamourous. Lots of vintage frocks and fur and if you love a man in uniform there were plently go round!!
This is me and my lovely hubby in his American Army Airforce Uniform and I am wearing a vintage 40's suit, my grandmother's fur and the cutest hat I found at one of the stalls at the event.

Just a few of the folks who looked so glamourous at the weekend.

Stylish Travel

My husband and I are going to a 40's weekend complete with steam trains and vintage clothing.

It got me thinking of travel of bygone days when women dressed up to travel and luggage came in trunks not rucksacks and tatty suitcases.
Even Carrie in SATC fantasized about glamorous train travel - the reality was quite up to her expectations but the thought was there!

Audrey looking fabulous for travelling in Funny Face.

The ultimate in stylish travel has got to be The Orient Express - it is my dream to travel on this and rest assured it would be glamour all the way!

So how can you bring a little style into your travelling? Now I'm not talking your every day work trip but when you set out on a special trip or go on holiday why not start your trip with a bit of glamour.

  • Dress up even if it's only a little bit - add jacket to your jeans or jazz up with a scarf round your neck and a pair huge sunnies. (even if the sun's not shining it gives a little air of mystery!) Or go the whole way and slip on a fantastic vintage suit, a fur wrap and a great bag and strut along the platform just like Marylin in Some Like it Hot.

  • Get some fabulous luggage - it doesn't have to be designer, there are some great value and stylish pieces on the high street. Or go for vintage, try to find a vanity case or travel case.

  • Pack your own picnic - take a mini bottle of champagne, something really yummy to eat (the buffet car's soggy sandwiches don't really shout stylish). Put it all in a paper sandwich bag with some ribbon on and have a real linen napkin or buy some pretty paper ones if you don't what to have to carry the linen one around.

  • When we can my husband and I always try to upgrade to 1st class when going by train - it doesn't have to be expensive many companies allow you to pay a supplement on the day or go on The Train Line website and book in advance (two single fares is often cheaper).

So the next time travel is on the agenda glam it up little and pay homage to times gone by.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Vintage Glamour and New Trends

As a lover of all thing glamorous I can't help having a love of all things vintage.

I guess I wear something vintage every day even if it's only the bag I carry or a brooch that I pin to my lapel. I love mixing it up as all good fashionistas do - a little bit of designer, high street and vintage to get my look.

As we know so many designers are inspired by past collections but I think that it is an amazing way to interpret the current trends whilst wearing something different that you will never see on anyone else. I like to find a fabulous dress from a 50's cocktail frock to a flowing 70's with a pair of great shoes; Tamara Mellon and Rachel Zoe, as well as Kate Moss does so this really well.

A recent article in British Vogue said that their was something out there for everyone and I think this is true - many women feel that vintage is for the young fashionista's and students and that it doesn't translate to their every day work life - but what could be more fabulous for the office than a sharp fitted 40's or 50's suit and how many times have they trawled around the shops for the perfect outfit for a party or wedding only to turn up to find someone else wearing the same dress.

Getting the mix right is the hardest thing to do, you don't want to look as though you are going a fancy dress party (Unless you are going to one!)

One site to check out is Shrimpton Couture - Cherie has a fantastic eye and knows her stuff - check out her blog and unique sense of style. I love the Atelier Mayer site - the Style Me feature is such fun.

So how do you get the mix right - here is some of my favourite vintage pieces and how I going to work them for Autumn/Winter.

Gold vintage skirt - vintage, white shirt Thomas Pink, vintage chain belt and Jimmy Choo's. Runway inspiration - all the metalics.

Teal blue Travilla dress with Nine West platform sandals. Runway Inspiration - teal the hot new colour.

Vintage YSL leather skirt, black polo neck Zara, necklace Top Shop, Black shoes Dune and opaque tights.- Runway Inspiration Michael Kors.

Vintage beige and black trim dress, Moc Croc boots and vintage Dior bag. Runway Inspiration: Bottega Veneta - nude shades and classic dresses.

Vintage grey velvet dress, Top Shop shoes, Primark bag, earings House of Fraser. Runway influence - Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.

Vintage print dress, belt Primark and shoes Bertie. Runway Influence -vivid shades of teal, viridian and grape seen at Vivienne Westwood Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs.

I am sure that I will create many more outfits throughout the season - I will post some more as I wear them and tell you of their outings.

My new favourite thing - Afternoon tea.

Inspired by the most recent photo shoot that I worked on my new favourite thing is afternoon tea parties There have been fabulous places to have afternoon tea for ages but one has just opened locally and we used it for this photo shoot.

One of my favourite places to have tea is The Ritz - my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with champagne and cakes in their Palm Court.

One place I have yet to go is the Berkeley for their Pret a Porter Tea - I have stayed in one of their fabulous suites and sipped cocktails in The Blue Bar but this is on my to do list.

While the summer is still here - just - I am going to invite a few friends over for a girly afternoon. So here is my guide to create your own fabulous Afternoon Tea Party.

There are so many places doing cup cakes now - even good old M&S are do really cute ones in lemon, raspberry and chocolate and they are only £2.99, or what about the French Fancies that have been around for ever - they look so pretty with all that icing.

Try to find some champagne coups - I always think that they have an old Hollywood glamour about them and make the fizz pink! I float a couple of raspberries in the glass just to add a little extra.

Make some simple sandwiches and to make it fun get some of the kids cookie cutters and make them into hearts or stars.

Have look around your local antique shops for some tea cups, don't worry if you can't find matching ones just go with a theme say all roses or all one colour. While you are there see if you can find a cake stand or some plates to display your cakes.

If the weather is good set up a table in the garden - throw some pretty floral cushions on your chairs, add a vase of summer flowers - use a teacup or little jug.

Ask your friends to dress up - take inspiration from the 40's or 50's and have yourself a fun girly day.

This is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and any excuse for me to get glamorous is enough!