Thursday, 23 May 2013

Claridges Part three - the outfits

We recently bought a new camera and haven't quiet got to grips with it yet so I didn't get as many fabulous pictures of our weekend as I would have liked (an excuse to go back and take more!!!)

Packing for a weekend is always difficult as you want to take enough but always need options as our weather is so unpredictable so I started off with a classic "town" outfit.

Fabulous Miss K suit, vintage hat from Little Vintage Lovers Fair, shoes vintage Lulu Vintage.

As I was being interviewed about my new collection I thought that I should wear one of my own dresses so here is the Barbara dress enjoying the luxury of our room.

For the evening with cocktails and the theatre I went a little more glam - I am always disappointed that people don't dress up for the theatre anymore turning up in jean's and a t-shirt seems like a bit of an insult to the spectacle of the place.
Vintage 40's dress, shoes and gloves, Lulu Vintage, vintage hat Antidote Vintage.
Next morning after breakfast we had a little wander around tacking snaps of the beautiful interior wondering if anyone would notice if we left with some of the furniture???
Before heading out to the National Theatre to see the Norman Parkinson exhibition (more about this in another post) I snapped my day outfit on the staircase in the foyer.
Vintage dress - Wake Up Little Susie, vintage 40's shoes bought at Hepcats weekend.
I asked Flamingo Amy to do my hair for the weekend, as we were leaving early Saturday morning she had to do it Friday evening so she had to gas me out with hairspray to make sure it stayed in. I think it faired well!!

I do look a little miserable in this picture but I wasn't!!!

As we left the lovely Ian who did give me his officially title but I can't remember but he said that he loved our outfits and that we "were Claridges" which made my weekend - maybe we should offer to wander around on a regular basis in exchange for a discount???
Claridges is my new favourite place and vow to go back and wear some more fabulous outfits.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Claridges Part 2 - cocktails, raindrops and nightcaps!!

Once we had taken in the wonder of our room, the doorbell rang - I didn't realise we had one until I heard it??

A lovely lady appeared with a birthday treat for my hubby's birthday

I met with Sarah from in the bar and over a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne we chatted about the collection and my life in vintage generally.
Dashing back to the room for a quick change to head out for the evening - our first port of call was Bar American in the basement of Brasserie Zidal for a cocktail or two. It is a fabulous Art Deco bar and jazz club.

Feeling slightly squiffy we wobbled to the Palace Theatre to see Singin' in the Rain - I did enjoy it but I guess that I have seen Gene Kelly, Donald O Connor and Debbie Reynolds do the routines so many times that I imaged it would be just like that but they don't make stars like that anymore and I was a little disappointed.
After the show we jumped in a cab and headed back to Claridges for a nightcap - more cocktails (strong ones) and we didn't quiet get as many pictures as I would have liked as some were fairly blurred!!!
The next morning we had a delicious breakfast but by the time we got downstairs the dining room was quite full and I didn't want to intrude too much so I didn't take any photos but believe me it was fabulous - a little silver tray with jams and honey for toast and even the tomato ketchup was served in a little jar!!!
It was a fabulous was to spend an evening - very good cocktails in amazing venues - the next time we go I promise to have mastered the camera and take a few before I get drunk!!
Part 3 - the outfits coming soon.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Claridges - Part one Art Splendor Deco

This weekend saw us in London at Claridge's - a few years ago we had champagne in one of the bars for our wedding anniversary and it was such a lovely experience I wanted to go back and stay so we did!!!

We arrived in London around 12 noon and had a little look around Judy's vintage fair at Spitafields Market, a spot of lunch then jumped into a cab to take us to Art Deco Heaven.

The entrance of the hotel.

Our case was whisked away while we were checked in, after a little tour of the hotel by a lovely lady called Katherine, up in our room we took in the wonderful surroundings and squealed a little bit!!!

Our room
The bath was soo deep!!
The Fumoir - where we had a cocktail or two in the evening.
The dining room - where we had breakfast.
The foyer - taken from the sweeping staircase.
The d├ęcor was amazing and so well maintained - fabulous uniformed staff looking after your every whim. We had a little insight on how the other half live - and I think I like it!! We will definitely go back for another visit as soon as we can.
Part two and three coming soon.