Monday, 21 May 2012

Pretty frocks

I am feeling pretty exhausted today for some reason - it was a long weekend and the waiting game we are playing with mu Mum's estate is taking it's toll I think,  along with the total lack of sunshine and constant dull skies and rain so for the blog today I am just going to give you a few pretty frocks to inspire you for the summer - which is apparently on its way???

Enjoy the pretty pictures and normal service will resume very soon when I feeling a little less jaded!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Style Inspiration - The Aviator

I am not normally one for new movies as I am more of a classic black and white or Hollywood musical kinda gal but one that I love mostly for the fabulous clothes is The Aviator (2004),  the amazing costumes especially those that Cate Blanchette wore as Katherine Hepburn and she did an incredible job of portraying one of my favourite icons. And the suit and hat worn by Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardener is to die for!!

The costume designer, Sandy Powell who was born in London won an Oscar for her costume design on this movie and is often called upon for work on period dramas. She had a budget of $2 million for the clothes and used original pieces or made replicas for originals she found in vintage shops.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Little things that make me feel better

The weather has been miserable (saying that the sun is out today) and it is difficult to bring a little glamour into your life when it is blowing half a gale and each time your step outside your front door you get drenched from head to toe.

When life or the weather gets me down I try to do a few of the things that make me feel better so here are some of my favourite things to make me feel better and add little more style to what could be a bad day.

Scented candles - always make me feel better and having one burning when I am working can be really uplifting.

Make-up - being a vintage gal I do love putting on a full face of slap but it does make you feel more put together even it is is just a slick of red lipstick.

Treating yourself to afternoon tea and having a break in your day with a yummy cake and tea in china teacup will  make you feel special.

Enough said!!

Essential in the rain but I have always thought that taxis have a glamour about them???

High heels make your legs look longer and instant elegance.

Flowers always cheer me up - you don't need expensive blooms just a bunch in a vintage vase or jug is enough.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Grown Up Dressing

I must admit I don't own much reproduction vintage clothing I do prefer the originals but due to a rather unfortunate incident while dancing at the Vintage Norwich Award Ceremony I heard a rip and on investigation discovered a large tear in a very beautiful 40's dress - fortunately I managed to fix it but due to the fact that originals can be delicate I have looked at some reproduction pieces.

I think that there are some lovely dresses out there but I do find some of them a little "young" for me - too many "cutsie" fabrics - and as a lady who channels Grace Kelly rather than Pin Up style and as a woman approaching her 50's I have to be careful not to look like "mutton dressed as lamb" and one company that I have discovered has some elegant dresses that I could quite happily see myself in - one is even called after Grace herself.

So take a look at the fabulous dresses on - and get some "grown up" vintage style.

The "Grace" dress - this would be lovely with a pair of pumps, white gloves and a Kelly bag - perfect for summer days.

The "Veronica" dress - such a simple style and so 40's - I would wear it with in the day with a fabulous little hat or in the evening with some chandelier earrings

Just loved this picture so fun but sophisticated at the same time!!