Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vintage Shopping

Norwich is fast becoming a hub of vintage activety and we now have a wealth of fabulous shops to choose from, as well as fairs and a good range of high-street stores that have great vintage style clothes.

Trawling through the shops, not knowing what suits you or how to get the look by mixing high-street and vintage can be daunting so let me take away the hassel by guiding you round the shops, giving tips and advice on how to get the maximum out of your budget, find fabulous one off vintage pieces and some great high-street bargains with a vintage feel. I can give you advice on how to date clothes, what to look for and what to avoid.

Recently I took the lovely Flamingo Amy out and about to get a new wardrobe - a self-confessed hater of shopping, we had great fun finding some fabulous pieces to update her current clothes.

Amy trying on vintage earings in Antidote Vintage.

A must in every girls wardrobe - a black pencil skirt, teamed with a nautical striped T-shirt. (in H&M)

Same skirt with a cute cardi for the sweater girl look.

In Gap for the perfect pair of classic black trousers.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vintage Styling and Shopping.

Now that I have new office space I thought that I would launch some fabulous services ........

Vintage Styling and Shopping – let me show you how to mix vintage into your wardrobe, create a look from your favourite era or help you find a one off piece for a special occasion.

One to One Session – we meet at my office and discuss your needs over a coffee or tea (in vintage teacups of course) and then hit the shops to find your perfect outfit. The day will be packed with tips and hints from a vintage expert. £75 (half day 4hrs) including coffee and cake, £115 (full day 7hrs) including 2 course lunch and glass of wine.

Taster Sessions – book with a few friends and get a taste of what I can do for you, general advice and ideas of how to get vintage style in your wardrobe. £10 per person (redeemable when you book a one to one appointment.)

Styling Workshops – learn all the tricks of the trade, how to get the look of your chosen era, creating a vintage look from the high-street, using accessories and fashion history. £10 per person. Includes tea and biscuits. Cocktail available at additional cost.

Why not book a Taster Session or Styling Workshop for your Hen Party with afternoon tea, champagne or cocktails – just ask for prices.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Movie Star fashion

In my opinion (for what is is worth), they don't make movie stars like they used - you wouldn't have seen the likes of Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, both the Hepburn's - Kate and Audrey or any other Hollywood icon papped looking scruffy in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.

They looked fabulous on screen and off, I know that it was much of the studio's doing not wanting the public to see their stars not looking glamorous but what is the harm in that - there is no mystery now with movie stars - all their dirty laundry is out to dry in the mags and Internet??

I know that it is not possible to look like a movie star everyday but making a little effort to add some glamour makes you feel better, and being a vintage gal that's what its all about??

Kathryn Hepburn

Audrey in Funny Face

Joan Crawford

Monday, 11 June 2012

Vintage Brights!!

It should be Summer but alas the sun doesn't seem to be shining on us very frequently at the moment but does that mean that we have to mooch around in dull colours - noooo!!! I have seen so many shades of grey and black on people during my travels, just because the weather is dull you shouldn't be so lets brighten up  and chase away the gloom!!!

Colour can be hard to wear - it is easier dress in monochrome as it doesn't require much thought but adding colour can make you feel better and cheer up a grey day.

I recently re-read a great little book "Style" by Kate Spade ( one of a series of how to guides written by Kate and Andy Spade who together ran their fashion house and had a great sense of style and loved colour, both were inspired by vintage classics.)

Kate was inspired to write some lovely ideas on how to mix colour by Diana Vreeland's "Why don't you" column in Harper's Bazaar so here are some of her suggestions of brightening up your wardrobe.

Green suede gloves peeking from a fitted black jacket.
Olive green leather pumps and a camel coat.
A watermelon raincoat on a dull day.
Pink beaded evening gown to a grand party - similar to the one worn by Jackie Onassis.
Tie a pink scarf in your hair with an all white summer dress.
A wide brimmed hat in a sunny hue
Bold sunflowers on a circle skirt worn with a navy sweater.
Chunky turquoise necklace worn with your crisp white shirt.
Navy and white striped t-shirt with a rose print skirt.
A scarlet sundress and high black heels
Fire engine gloves with anything
Mocha silk dress with shocking pink necklace and cocktail ring.
Espresso tweed suit with raspberry and coral accessories.

Vintage and retro clothing usually comes in bold and bright colours and patterns so search out some great finds to brighten up your day - even if it's only a pair of bold coloured gloves with your raincoat??

Bold bright dresses and accessories.

Striking combination of colours.

Brown and pink - a classic
Red - say no more!

Sunny yellow with your LBD.

Hues of purple and blue with chocolate brown.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Style Icon - Wallis Simpson

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know that one of my favourite style icons is Wallis Simpson.

She had all the Paris couturiers at her disposal but still in my opinion had innate style, both her and the Duke were flamboyant in their dress and were a dashing pair on the social circuit.

With the release of W.E on DVD this week (and I am looking forward to watch for the costumes alone), I thought that I would share some of the style of this glamorous women.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fifties Glamour in the rain!!

Despite the miserable weather we braved the rain and held a fashion show and tell at the Family History Fair at Gressenhall.

Models wore outfits from Lulu Vintage, Retreat Vintage and Wake Up Little Susie showing what fashionable ladies would have worn for Work, Rest and Play during the 50's.

It was great fun and many of the ladies who remembered the generation wear you were never fully dressed without hat and gloves nodded in agreement when I was talking a bout the glamour and elegance of the era.

Mai in her own 50's style suit.

50's housecoat from Wake Up Little Susie.

Selection of 50's evening gowns - Lulu vintage, one of my own collection and Gemma in her 50's style dress from House of Fraser.

Photographs with thanks to Vintage Norwich - www.vintagenorwich.co.uk.