Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cosmo's and Carrie's Wardrobe.

Last Thursday I ran my second vintage workshop at Retreat Vintage - fashion loving ladies packed the tiny shop to sip Cosmos and shop till they dropped.

Joline and I spent weeks watching the episodes and films all in the name of research you understand - what a hard life we lead.

We found lots of fabulous outfits from Carrie's Wardrobe and while ladies listened we talked through her iconic style.

Then numerous outfits had to be tried on and bought!! With Joline and myself on hand for style advice.
"What do think of this one?"

Our Carrie outfit - a customer bought the whole outfit the following day!!

More shopping!!

Cartier no less - Carrie would approve!!

Vivienne Westwood - as seen on one of the episodes.

Cute and sooo Carrie!!

We have more workshops planed so for more information and to book on line for the next one visit my website - www.fabulousmissk.co.uk/events for all the details.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Come fly with me - Fashion and Feathers

Last week I went to a talk at Norwich Castle Museum by Ruth Battersby-Tooke - the fashion and textiles curator about their recent exhibition on Birds - you can find out more by following this link -


Being a vintage gal I do like a bit of feather and frou frou. Ruth talked about how the feather became popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras with huge plums and in some cases whole birds in full flight perched on large and extravagant hats. This of course caused considerable controversy and in turn led to the Association for the Protection of Birds (Later RSPB).

Feathers continued to be fashionable into the 20th Century with Hollywood movie stars such as Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow in the 30's; And who could forget that feather dress that Ginger Rogers floated in with Fred Astaire.

The 1970's saw a nod to the Native American Indian with jewellery and headdresses inspired by the traditional costumes.

And recently Galliano and McQueen have brought the feather into the 21st century with very strong influences from past decades.

Throughout fashion history there has always been a feather or two especially in the hat and headdress variety.

Victorian Era Hat

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2008 Collection

1930's feather fantasy

40's and 50's feather style
Cher circa 1970's

More McQueen
Philip Treacy


Monday, 14 July 2014

Dressing in Style

It has taken a while but I have finally got my dressing room!! For years my spare room was a dumping ground for all things that we didn't have a place for but with an ever growing vintage clothing collection something had to be done.

The first step was fitted wardrobes the length of the wall, we went with a company called Hammonds who were brilliant - a designer talked us through what we needed and drew up a plan - a few weeks later we had stylish new hanging space - modern with an Art Deco twist.

Then the fun part started - finding all the decorative pieces - I have always wanted a glamorous dressing table and found the perfect on, I have a vast collection of pictures and fashion plates that I have picked up over the years, hats and other accessories that are to pretty to hide in cupboards.

Looking forward to getting ready in my fabulous dressing room.
(Photo Missy Vintage)

Just a few of the things I love -
Blue hat and shoes - Retreat Vintage
Beige Picture hat - Shazam Vintage.
(Photos Missy Vintage)

Fabric by Villa Roma - from http://www.janerichards.co.uk/, blind and stool covered by
It is still work in progress - I need to find some proper storage my vintage hats and bags, put up a few more pictures but for now I am happy and love getting ready the day in my dressing room.