Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vintage Misconceptions - vintage isn't modern

Many people think that vintage clothing is "old fashioned" - I very often hear comments like " I will look like my granny" or that "it's frumpy" but that is not the case. At the end of the day vintage clothes are just clothes and can be worked with a modern feel.

Designers are always drawing inspiration from the past so what better way to stay "on trend" with original items that were the inspiration??

Editors, celebrities and fashion insiders are always mixing vintage with designer and high street pieces creating a modern and stylish look.

Laura Bailey - contributing editor at Vogue makes a "granny" skirt look funky with great boots.

Giovanna in a 70's dress made modern and on trend.
Olivia - the skirt is a classic A line from the 70's but hers cost her a fortune no doubt?

Such a typical vintage print but a modern look.

Vintage velvet jackets are a great way to layer up you look.

Faux leopard a vintage classic on Jenna Lyons - artistic director of J Crew.

Natalie Joos in vintage plaid again!

Kate in her Top shop line and vintage leather jacket
And faux fur always looks good.
Pandora Sykes - fashion editor of Style Magazine rockin full on 70's style.

Old band T-shirts are soo cool.

The ever stylish Kate in a vintage dressing gown - for evening wear?

"It girl" Alexa Chung does 60's chic.
So that knocks that myth out of the water - vintage is certainly not frumpy as these examples of true fashionista style shows!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Fifty and Fabulous - getting older with style!!

I turned 50 last year and it got me thinking - I have rediscovered my passion for fashion therefore my outfits are getting bolder and more contemporary.

There seems to be a trend for celebrating "older" ladies and many of them are now part of high end brand advertising campaigns.

Linda Rodin for The Row
Joan Didion for Celine
Just because you get older it shouldn't mean that you loose your sense of style on the contrary you should embrace your look and be bolder - you grow in confidence as you age, I know for a fact that I feel more comfortable in my own skin now that I am 50 than I ever did in my 20's 0r 30's.
There are some fabulous ladies out there that celebrate their age - think one of my style heroines - Vivienne Westwood, the French icon Catherine Denueve and who can't forget the The Advanced Style ladies.
Isabella Rosilini

Catherine Denueve
Yesterday I did a fabulous shoot with The Girl and the Camera aka Kerry Curl creating some amazing shoots with my vintage wardrobe - very different from my usual outfit posts on here - mixing vintage with designer and high street and I had so much fun playing with fashion again.
This blog is going to have a bit of a make-over in the next few weeks with more of a magazine feel, more about my "vintage for everyone" campaign and a more contemporary vibe.
And I am looking forward to rocking some uber stylish fashion forward fashion celebrating the fact that I am "Fifty and Fabulous!!!"