Monday, 23 November 2009

Rainy Day Glamour

I am sitting here listening to the rain pouring down and thought that I would share some more glamourous fixes to cheer me up:

Veronica Lake - the 40's movie star with her trademark "peekaboo" haircut.

Jimmy Choo shoes - what more can a girl say!

Halston - I am still onthe look out for a fabulous original piece that my bank manager won't have a heart attack over, you never know one day it my turn up. In the mean time I am watching some lovely lookie like ones on Ebay so fingers crossed.

Tom Ford - his clothes really were powerful and glamourous - also on my wish list?

So here are just a few glamour updates. I want to get out and take some pictures myself now that the party season and all the fabulous decorations and window dressing are appearing but my digital camera died on me last week. So Santa if you are reading this a new one in my stocking would be good!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Glamour update

I'm sitting here on the sofa feeling sorry for myself nursing a rotten cold, so I thought that I would find some more glamorous things to cheer myself up so here they are and I hope that you find something amongst them that you love too - leave me your comments and let me know what you think is wonderful and glamorous!

La Fumoir at Claridges - is a fashion pack favourite but I just love the sheer decadence of it. You feel as though you have stepped back in time to one of the most glamorous eras - the 30's!
Jo Malone candles always make me feel better - I have them all over the house they smell wonderful and you don't even have to light them. My other favourite product is her Red Roses bath oil - just to lie back with a glass of champagne is bliss.

I love this book - all those shoes, diamonds what more could a girl want?
A few movies that always manage to cheer me up and make me feel better.

This film always makes me feel better - the clothes, locations and cosmos!

Another favourite so glamorous!

Cary and Audrey in Charade - need I say more?

One of my most favourite films ever - the ultimate little black dress movie.

To Catch a Thief - everything about this movie is wonderful - the clothes, it's stars, the scenery

These pictures by Cecil Beaton ( I was flicking through one of my numerous coffee table books and came across some of his photos) - I just love the gowns - I just need to find an event so I can wear one similar and the photo of Babe Paley (another of my most fabulous people) and her sister in the 30's.

Friday, 6 November 2009

My Glamour List

The December issue of British Vogue comes with a Glamour supplement and as this blog is all about glamour I thought I would add a few of my own to the list:

SJP always looks fabulous - her alter ego Carrie may be all about fashion in real life Sarah is totally a glamour girl.

As I have mentioned before I love this lady - she looks so amazing for her age and sooo glam>

Cate takes risks with her looks but manages to pull it off every time and who could forget her as Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator.

What a couple - they look so good together! Quirky but totally fabulous!

One of the most elegant men ever. He always looked immaculate and timeless. My favourite rainy day treat is a glass of wine, box of chocs and a box set of Cary Grant movies.

Capri - one of my most favourite places - sitting on the harbour watching the yachts come in or lunching at Hotel Quisisana. Then at night the island lights all the tourists have gone and the beautiful people come out to play.

I love this picture - such fun to see The Duke and Duchess doing something silly ( and our friends say that we remind them of this couple - with our sense of style and entertaining!!?)

Izzy Blow was never afraid to dress up and look glamorous - I can imagine her looking this good even when putting out her rubbish!

My must visit every time I go to Paris, I just love sitting outside and people watching.

The Blue Bar at the Berkley is a totally wonderful place to have cocktails , it is always a great place to start off an evening when we are in London - lovely barman bring delicious cocktails to your table along with naughty nibbles.

I will keep adding to my glamour list and when I get my self more organised with posting my blog it will become a regular weekly update.