Friday, 11 April 2014

Going red - new hair colour

I have always loved red hair!! A few years ago I was a red head but due to a job with a well know cosmetic company I had to change it - not natural enough???

But now that I am self employed I can be any colour I want so I am red again.

Some of my favourite ladies are red heads ........

With a change in colour comes a whole new problem - will the current wardrobe work and if not what a fabulous opportunity to buy a new one!!
Fortunately I have a lot of colours that go with flaming red so I don't have to finance new clothes so these are the shades that you will me wearing more of from now on - they are very similar to the tones that I wore before but I love red hair with - green, red and one of my favourites - teal and blue.
One very striking combination is red and purple so I think that I will have to make a little purchase in that colour - a dress or maybe a hat??
So here are a few little colour combinations that I may have to try out ...................

And just so you can see here is my new red look - I hope you like it as much as I do???


  1. Looks lovely! I'm about to go from being a long-time redhead to something a bit brighter. Purple, here I come.

    1. Why thank Jess. Wow purple how fabulous - make sure you send me a picture - would love to see it.

  2. Looks really great on you. I think you could go even redder....