Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Paris part 3 - Bon appetite!

Paris is full of places to eat - sit down with a coffee or glass of wine and watch the world go by.  You can find everything from a simple salad to a full blown a la carte feast???

Eating and drinking is a national French pastime and the Parisians down tools and enjoy a 2 hour lunch break as opposed to grabbing a soggy sandwich eaten at their desk.

We enjoyed some fabulous food during our stay, put on a few pounds with the rich dishes and wine (well it was probably the wine that did it???) 

With all the walking around stopping off at a café and enjoying an espresso was something we did quite a lot of - by the way it is un-Parisian to drink a café au lait after 11am but if you can't quite take it black a noisette is the chic thing to drink - espresso with a shot of milk!!!

So here is just a few pics to wet your appetite???

A glass of bubbly while waiting to go up to our room.
Noisette café.

Our anniversary dinner at .......
Lunch was usually a simple salad - but delicious!!
Spot of people watching with a Kir Royal??
Cooling down with a Mojito in our hotel bar.
Macaroons for the journey home from
We had a totally fabulous time in Paris - it is one of my favourite places to be and the photos in this picture don't do it justice - you should go see if for yourself,. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Paris part 2 - Gems around every corner??

One of the things I love about Paris is that every where you look there is something fabulous to look at whether it be the architecture, a shop window or flowers growing in window box.

Grand buildings and interesting things pop up where you least expect them, you can't walk around without looking up at the fascinating things around you.

I love wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere or sitting in a café with a glass of wine or coffee.

Here are a few of my favourite images of our visit (didn't take as many as I should have done but it gives me an excuse to go back and find some more fabulous things to photograph??)

A quirky light fitting in a café near to our hotel

Front doors on a Paris street.

I want this apartment!!

Loved this simple elegant window display.

Laduree Bakery Shop window

Sacre Coeur - the wedding cake in Montmatre.

Tables outside a café

Love it!!

While we were seating eating dinner one evening they were filming a promotion for Friendly Fishing - watching the guy in the fish trying to walk across the road and avoid the crazy Paris drivers was so funny!!!

Hotel staff "dog walking"

We spotted Karl Largerfeld shopping for furniture - I didn't manage to snap him in person but spotted him in this window display.

Floral window boxes.

Decoration on one of the bridges!!

The banks of the Seine were turned in to La Plage for summer.


Hope you like some of my views of Paris - one more post to come - another must do in the City of Lights - food and wine!!!