Friday, 26 October 2012

Come the country pile - this weekend?

I have always wanted someone to say that to me!! Just like in the 30's when friends with a stately a home invited everyone "down from London" for the weekend.

Days spent wandering around the gardens, watching the hunt or just generally lazing around drinking cocktails and listening to Jazz (the reality would probably be a drafty old pile that had a leaking roof and freezing but we are talking fantasy here!!)

Then dressing for dinner and sitting with more cocktails by an open fire - maybe one day you never know.

I am a city gal so a weekend in the country is about as much as I could bear but I love the thought of dressing up in tweeds so here is the look I would go for should I ever get invited???

And then for the evening something totally glamorous because dressing for cocktails and dinner should have a come back.

So if anyone does have a "country pile" that you would like to invite me too please feel free - I can bring glamour, style and alcohol!!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Autumn Style Inspriation

I can't put it off any longer Autumn is defiantly here and so it is time to update the wardrobe for the new season.

Sadly I am putting the summer dresses into storage until hopefully next year the sun comes out a little more that it did this year???

With a small two up two down terrace house and an every increasing vintage clothing collection I need to pack away the summer items an bring out the warmer fabrics and winter styles.  The dressing room is still work in progress but I have a promise from Hubby that we WILL get it finished this year!!

So how do I go about switching from summer to winter - the first step is to pack away the summer items, I put them into vintage suitcases and store them on top of the wardrobes or for some of the more delicate pieces I put them into those vacuum pack things and store in the loft or under the bed.

Winter wool suits and coats come out of storage into the wardrobe and heavier sweaters are folded on the shelves.

I always like to add a few more pieces each season (well a gal has too doesn't she!!), but I stick to a colour palette so that all my clothes work together.

These are the colours that I work with and if you ever get inside my wardrobe it really does look like this??
(Autumnal Palette Jane Fardon)
Next for me is a mood board - although I always wear a vintage look mainly mainly from the 40's to early 50's I like to pin up some images that I like to inspire me to create outfits on a daily basis.



Just a few of the ideas that I have for this season - there are many more so watch for the outfit posts and see how I interpret them.
I would love to see your outfits for Autumn/Winter so send them to me and I may feature you on my blog?


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Miss K loves ... Worn Out Shop

Continuing the Miss K Loves series with a lovely lady called Marie who has a fabulous collection of vintage clothes and accessories.

We have met a couple of times now and like me she has a passion for vintage and period pieces, every time I see her she has something wonderful to show me!!

Marie showcases her collections at various vintage fairs around the county and will be at NFW Vintage Fair and fashion show next year but if you can't wait that long to see what she has to offer check out her Etsy shop -

Here are a few of the fabulous items they have for sale.

1940's suit Birds eye print £110
1950's pineapple print skirt and top £58
1930's/40's shoes £52
1950's snakeskin bag £50
Mention you saw this blog and you may get a little discount.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Corners of my home

With a love of all things vintage for over 30 years you can imagine that Hubby and I have a vast collection of "vintage stuff"!!!

It is not limited to the wardrobe of clothes but spills over into all aspects of our home too. We are planning a little re-vamp of some areas and so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite pieces that we have and will update with the progress that goes on with the renovation of our home.

My display cabinet that houses the ever increasing collection of china and glassware.
Our Art Deco lady
One of the G Plan units inherited from my Mum
One of a pair of 50's chairs awaiting it's revamp!!
Not quite sure what she is advertising - hair or nail polish?
The other G Plan!!
The fireplace with Art Deco statues - La Danse and Le Music - I spotted the same ones in an episode of Poriot the other day!!!
So just a few of the pieces I love and the collection is constantly getting added to that's the thing with vintage you see something you love and you just have to buy it - can't help myself???

Friday, 5 October 2012

What does a vintage girl carry in her handbag??

I have a number of very lovely vintage handbags - too many my Hubby says but then a gal needs at least two to go with each outfit and then a few chic evening ones and well I could go on.

There is of course the" go to bag" that needs to hold all the "stuff" a vintage gal requires everyday!!

Mine is a tan 1950's bag bought from Prim Vintage - it was borrowed for a photo shoot and never seemed to find it's way back into the shop??

So what do I carry around on an everyday basis .....

Although I am a vintage gal I do need to keep in touch with the world, running a business and keeping up with social media is a must in this day and age so I MUST have my blackberry for emails and calls.
One of these is essential as vintage clothing doesn't come in "normal" sizes, I need to be able to measure garments to make sure they fit me and my clients.
I am an old fashioned girl at heart and do love a fabulous notebook to scribble down ideas and inspiration that comes my way. Smthysons do the most fabulous of all and so even if they are a little pricey it is nice to have a lovely one as it makes the ideas seem a little more special??
A vintage compact for those essential make-up retouches throughout the day.
And last of all every vintage gals essential - the red lippy - mine from Besame, which comes in it's own little pouch and sooo chic packaging.
(Available on line and from the lovely Historical Sauces).

Monday, 1 October 2012

Miss K Loves ... Sip and Shop

I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I love - so here is the first in a series of fabulous things, events, people, shops and places that are worthy of being praised.

The regular Sip and Shop event held at Olives in Elm Hill by the totally fabulous Historical Sauces, on the last Sunday of every month is a "must go to" on my calendar.

The lovely gals sell their own collection of vintage clothes, along with What Katie Did stockings and tights, Besame Cosmetics.  They also have regular guest sellers who have included Wake Up Little Susie and Sugar and Hatter.

It is always such a lovely atmosphere and the girls are on hand to give advice on all things vintage.

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than sipping a few cocktails and shopping for vintage goodies????

Want to check it out here are the next dates:

Sunday 28th October 7-9 pm
Sunday 25th November 7-9 pm

and then two festive Sip and Shops on Thursday 13th December and Thursday 20th December at 5.30 pm.

Stockings, books and lipstick.
Wake Up Little Susie - vintage goodies.