Thursday, 28 October 2010

New magazine shoot

New images from the lastest copy of The Iceni Guide magazine.  With photos from the lovely Julia Holland again and models from Modelicious, hair by The Egg and make-up by Claire.

These shoots take a lot of organising to get everyone together at the same time as we don't have the big budgets of the glossies, we now have another magazine to shoot for Fine City - we did our first one for them a couple of weeks ago and I will post as soon as the mag has been released.

We - as in Julia, Nikki and myself has set up a new company The Fashion Collective to organise fashion shoots and fashion shows to indepedant stores and fashion companies so if you need us to create an amazing shoot to showcase your clothes then let me know.

More to come on the fashion shoot front soon.  In the meantime you can see some more of my editorial work on my website -  - it is still work in progress but if I can ever find the extra two days in the week that I need to get everything done I will make the changes to it and post more on my blog!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What I have been up to!


I have been soooo busy and have not found the time to sit down and write my blog so I thought that I would give you a little in sight into what I have been up to.

I am now fashion editor for a wonderful magazine The Iceni Guide edited by the lovley Christina Bellamy working with the very talented Julia Holland from all about image photography and Nicola Louise from Modelicious Model Agency.

I will also be working on another magazine A Fine City.

How much fun can a girl have creating fabulous fashion pages every month??!! I am a very lucky girl to get to play with beautiful clothes everyday and work with very talented people.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A fun forties Sunday afternoon

You all know by now that both my husband and I love our 40's music and events.  Well last Sunday we went back in time to Blythburgh village hall for an old fashioned tea dance. The fabulous Gill and Nigel who run dance classes in Lowestoft (a seaside town on the East coast for those of you who don't know), decorated the hall and made the wonderful cakes and provided us with countless cups of tea - then it was onto the dancing to work off those calories.

Most people dressed up and you know there is no excuse for me to do that! It was great fun and a fabulous way to spend a not so sunny Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

More Modern Style Icons

Love her or hate her (some people out there do?)  But which ever side of the fence you sit on you can't deny that she has a great look very Studio 54 - 70's Halston chic.  And how can we not love the lady that brings us fabulous shoes season after season.

Now with a hand in bringing us her iconic style to the fore again with the relauch of Halston and Halston Heritage.

This is a shoe closet to die for!!!!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Images from a photo shoot for Rouge UK.Adam is a fabulous photograher that I met a few months ago and we have done some great shoots together and have many more planned. (check out his work at

 It was a lovely summer day, we sat and had a picnic on the top of a multi-storey carpark!!

The white jacket is one of the few items I have for sale - a fabulous 80's number that is soo cool. And the multi coloured dress also for sale - remember Samantha's birthday in SATC movie it is very similar to Carrie's dress?

More from vintage collection to come and pics from the fashion show that took over my life for 3 months.

Friday, 9 April 2010

My lack of posting

My unloved blog - I am working on a charity fashion show and it is taking up all of my time and I am totally lasp in all other areas of my life.

So once it is over I will get posting with new vigor - with pictures of the show to come.

The sun has started to shine a little more regulary which always seems to give me boost and more energy.

Friday, 19 March 2010

More Modern Style Icons

Carine Roitfeld, Editor in Chief French Vogue has that rock chick meets Paris chic - an edgy style that looks fabulous.  Given the fact that she is well in to her 50's she still looks  amazing and of late she has softened her normal hard make-up and we've even seen a more colour other than black. She has had no surgery as far as I know but French women have less work done than their US conterparts.

But for her edgy Paris chic and fabulous styling in Vogue she deserves her palce in my hall of fame.

New Camera!!

At last we have a new camera so I can get out and about to make my blog more personal and start adding some fabulous pictures.

The sun is shining spring/summer updates for my wardrobe need to be bought and old favourites brought out - lots of new fabulous posts of my spring looks and more glamour coming soon.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Modern Icons SJP

I guess you can't do a posting on modern icons without including SJP apart from giving us one of the best TV shows ever she has her own sense of style aside from her character in the series.

So I tried to find some pictures of SJP not Carrie.  I love that she is not afraid of mixing it up - as do all of my modern icons.  She has a much more classic approach to fashion than she does on screen but still manages to pull off quirky touches.

Whether she is taking her son to school, out with her husband or rocking the red carpet she manages to look fablulous and I want every pair of shoes in these pictures.

Again with all of the women I am going to feature - they don't work with a stylist, they are confident and strong with a great sense of self.

Their looks are individual but give all of us ideas of how to glam it up and look fabulous everyday.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Giovanna - a true fashion inspiration

I was catching up with my favourite blogs and one of the first on my list is always The Sartorialist and to my joy I saw that Scott had posted a picture of Giovanna Battaglia Fashion Editor of Italian Vogue and stylist.

I have decided to do a regular "Modern Style Icon" post with images of those people who I think deserve to be in this hall of fame. 

One of the first had to be Giovanna. She always looks so stylish and glamourous.  She puts a twist on classic and takes a risk with fashion. Some of the combinations she comes up with shouldn't work but she manages to make it look amazing!!

Giovanna has got fabulous personal style and is obviously very confident in her choices.  She has a strong sense of self.  I know that she has a designer wardrobe at her fingertips but a lot of her pieces are such classics and really easy to put together for us lesser mortals without the high end price tag. The simple grey polo neck that she pulls out time and time again adding a funky skirt or shoes to make the outfit pop. Or the clash of colours and use of accessories is something we can all attemp to replicate with our own wardrobe.

So here's to Giovanna a worthy first on my "Modern Style Icon" section!!

Friday, 12 February 2010

As everyone else I am in shock - I can't believe that such a talent has been taken from us. Ever since he launched on the fashion scene he has been an inspiration and contast wonder to all in the fashion world.

I remember seeing him in Harvey Nicks a while ago and I never ever go upto celebrities and gush but with him I couldn't help myself and true to form he was very sweet and humble.

The fashion world will truly miss his genius.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ski Bunnies!!

I have never been skiing but I have always wanted to go and with all the snow we have had recently I needn't have gone far!!

Skiing holidays are always deceptively glamorous - we have all seen the pictures of film stars swaggering around celebrity packed resorts. If the fantasy is being a 1960's snow siren, like Audrey in Charade, the reality is that most mortal end up looking more like boiled beetroots stuffed into anoraks than alluring double agents in a Bond movie!!

So how do you get to be alluring on the slopes?

Always enrol in a pre-ski class - however fit you are skiing uses muscles you never new your had!!

Give yourself regular pedicures before you go or book in for treatments at a salon - ski boots are hard on your feet so take care of them.

Buy a SPF 25 sunscreen with maximum four-star UVA filter.

Invest in a combined lip and eye block.

Have your eyelashes and eyebrows dyed - it will minimise the need for mascara and your eyebrows will frame you face.

Don't wear goggles unless it's snowing wear sunglasses instead (it's what the pros do).

Do use your ski block as a romantic tool - apply your lip shield alluringly.

You don't need much make -up tinted moisturiser with SPF, clear mascara. cream blush and gloss over your lip shield.

See you on the slopes!!