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Who am I??

Karen James-Welton aka Fabulous Miss K - vintage fashion and lifestyle consultant, events manager, blogger and vintage veteran.

With a life long passion for vintage I am lucky enough to make my living (most of the time!!) from something I love.

 Having lived in London and Paris working in fashion and beauty for over 25 years I have had the privileged to work with some of the industry's best including Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The love of a good man (now my husband of 17 years!!) brought me to Norwich which had grown into a fabulous vintage hub of creative and talented people.

I now co-ordinate fashion shows, style for magazines, create fabulous vintage inspired frocks and generally have a good old time in this fine city of Norwich.

Vintage for Everyone is my mantra - you don't have to live a retro lifestyle to get some vintage in your life, it is a fabulous way to be individual and have a style of your own.

Cocktails, travel, good food and dancing all with a vintage twist are my other passions.

I don't wish I lived in the past but love the most fabulous elements of a bygone era – rose coloured glasses – maybe? But what the hell I can so I do!!

So I bring to you my musings of a vintage gal in a modern world!!


Love Miss K


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