Wednesday, 28 November 2012

NFW - the shoot!!

Monday morning and I headed to the office to get prepared for an exciting but busy day - we were shooting the promotion pictures for the Vintage Fashion Show and Fair as part of NFW in March.

The theme is Old Hollywood so it was glamour all the way!!!

I had borrowed clothes from local vintage shops - Lulu Vintage, Prim Vintage and Retreat Vintage - all of which came up trumps with some fabulous pieces.

Missy Vintage was on hand to do hair and make-up and the models looked amazing. While there were getting ready my lovely new assistant Abi Gray (who is totally fabulous and going to be a great asset to the team) gathered clothes and sorted the outfits.

Antony Kelly from Archant took some fabulous photographs and I will I promise share them with you very soon but to be going on with here are a few behind the scene shots to get you in the mood.


Just a sneaky peek at what is to come.
(Photos thanks to Missy Vintage.)
 I am very excited for the year ahead there are lots of fabulous projects in the pipeline and NFW is going to be bigger and better so watch this space for more news of things to come in 2013!!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fabulous Miss K Presents .....

This Saturday saw a very early start for me - Hubby and I headed to London as I was asked to present the Vintage Fashion Show for Pop Up Vintage Fairs at Old Spitafields Market.

I am used to presenting fashion shows but this was on a grand scale so I was a tad nervous but once I had met all the lovely people involved I was fine.  The Candy Pout team were on hand to do my hair and make-up and make me feel fabulous.

The outfits were put together by vintage fashion bloggers - Ree Ree Rocket, Sarah Ruppin, Alison Tang, Betty Leopard, Jayne J Read and Amy Elizabeth Hill and they all did a fabulous job.  The bloggers chose outfits from the various traders from the 30's to the 80's.

Swing Patrol entertained the crowds with their dancing as the show was (as always with catwalk shows) running "fashionably" late but we were soon underway with the first of 4 shows throughout the day.

The models all looked amazing and I even managed to buy myself a 1940's dress - very Wallis Simpson I feel (look out for it on future outfit posts!!)

After the shows had finished it was good-byes all round and lots of exchanging of contact details, then Hubby and I headed off for a well deserved cocktail or two!!

Some of the lovely vintage goodies on offer.
One of my favourite outfits - styled by ReeRee Rocket.
The models in the vintage looks.
Me!! Suit 1940's original from Prim Vintage and Gemma Hat from Sugar and Hatter.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fashion in Film

I love old movies - the black and white ones and the over the top technicolour musicals and most of all I love the old movie stars in fabulous costumes and outfits. It's what I grew up watching on a Sunday afternoon with my Mum and where my love of vintage clothes and style comes from.

Movie stars back then were glamorous on and off the movie set you wouldn't have seen them in the tabloids in tracksuits and Ugg boots.

There have been some iconic movie outfits so here are some of my all time favourites.

The Women 1939 starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell about a group of women - their loves and lives with amazing costumes by Adrian the famed Hollywood designer of the 40's and stunning jewellery by Eugene Josett.

Another favourite is Barclay's of Broadway starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as a feuding husband and wife dance act. Fred looks dapper as always and Ginger wears some fabulous outfits.
Audrey Hepburn is a style icon of course and although I love the classic LBD in Breakfast at Tiffany's my favourite fashion is in Sabrina 1954 with Humphrey Bogart and William Holden, and Audrey transforms from the plain chauffeur's daughter into an elegant lady after time in Paris. Edith Head won an Oscar for best costume design on this film but the clothes were Givenchy who is un-credited!!
I could go on listing fabulous fashion in film but my final one for now is Rear Window 1954 with Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, Edith Head again with the costumes.
More fabulous fashion in films coming in future blogs and watch this space for more news on NFW Vintage Fashion Show and Fair with an Old Hollywood theme and maybe just one or two more influences some my favourite films turning up on the catwalk!!!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Making the most of your LBD .... so no one will know it's the same dress???

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to festive parties and the inevitable cry when you open the wardrobe - "I've got nothing wear"

Well every woman should have a least one LBD (Little Black Dress - if you didn't know) in her wardrobe, it will take you anywhere from cocktails to clubbing, from dinner to dancing by investing in a classic style and shape you will be able to dress it up or down to suit any occasion - by adding accessories and adornments no one will ever guess it is the same dress??

So here are my top tips to dress up your LBD......

Wear it very classic a la Chanel or Audrey with layers of pearls and long black gloves.

Add a bright coloured sash around your waist and pin at the back. Or drape a chiffon scarf around creating a shawl collar effect on the dress.
Wear a vintage brooch or two on your shoulder or pin it to the waist of your dress,  you could even use one to create a slimmer silhouette on a full skirt.
And these tips from one of my favourite books that I have posted about before Orchids on Your Budget .......
  • An emerald green taffeta jacket and slippers
  • Two ruby clips and bracelet to match worn with black slippers and bag
  • Pink chiffon roses and pink chiffon scarf worn with black slippers and bag
  • A gold lame jacket with black bag and slippers
  • A black sequin jacket
  • Gold chunky jewellery

  • So with a little imagination no-one will ever know it's the same dress and you will look fabulous throughout the party season.

    Don't forget that I can help you find your perfect LBD to suit your style and body shape during November and December I am offering a very special price for  a half day shopping trip - £35 instead of £75 (including coffee and cake!!)



    Wednesday, 7 November 2012

    Films, updates and fashion shows

    Things have been very busy over the last few days so just a quick post this week.

    Since the official announcement of the Fabulous Miss K collection I have been sourcing fabrics and getting ideas to my pattern cutter!!

    I am also helping to find costumes for a short documentary film highlighting dementia, set in 1952 I have been tracking down lots of outfits from all sorts of places!!!

    And more exciting news I am going to present a fashion show at Old Spitafields Market on 17th November - Pop Up Vintage Fairs have put together various bloggers and traders to style vintage outfits and I am giving styling advice and hosting the show.  I am used to speaking in public but it is a little scary to be at such a big venue.

    Don't forget that I am on hand for all your vintage styling needs whether you want a couple of pieces to jazz up your current wardrobe or a whole outfit for an event.  And with the festive season coming up why not go vintage this year to you Christmas parties.
    For the whole of November and December I will be offering a very special price for a shopping trip just £35 for a half day (usual price £75).  Just mention this post to get your discount.

    Friday, 2 November 2012

    Features and fabulous frocks!!

    This week saw I had a feature in Life Matters in the Eastern Evening News - it is very strange to read about your life in print.

    One of the biggest things to come out of it is the official announcement that Fabulous Miss K is launching a vintage inspired fashion collection at Norwich Fashion Week next March!!!!

    I am no designer but I have lots of ideas of how I want the collection to look and taking inspiration from my own vintage wardrobe there will be 6 pieces in all - 3 day dresses, a suit and 2 LBD's.

    The collection is aimed at those who want a really authentic vintage look, with a classic and sophisticated feel with quality fabrics and cut.

    It is very scary and exciting at the same time, working on the design with my pattern cutter and getting inspiration for the photo shoot to launch it. This is something that I have dreamed of doing for years and one lady has given my the opportunity to realise it - the first collection will be dedicated to my Mum, a lady who was always well groomed and stylish as were all women of her era so the Barbara dress will have it's debut in a few months time.

    So watch this space as the collection unfolds I will keep you posted with updates and inspiration.

    Mum and Dad looking very stylish out and about.
    Mum and my grandmother.
    Mum, Uncle Alan and Grandmother.