Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cosmo's and Carrie's Wardrobe.

Last Thursday I ran my second vintage workshop at Retreat Vintage - fashion loving ladies packed the tiny shop to sip Cosmos and shop till they dropped.

Joline and I spent weeks watching the episodes and films all in the name of research you understand - what a hard life we lead.

We found lots of fabulous outfits from Carrie's Wardrobe and while ladies listened we talked through her iconic style.

Then numerous outfits had to be tried on and bought!! With Joline and myself on hand for style advice.
"What do think of this one?"

Our Carrie outfit - a customer bought the whole outfit the following day!!

More shopping!!

Cartier no less - Carrie would approve!!

Vivienne Westwood - as seen on one of the episodes.

Cute and sooo Carrie!!

We have more workshops planed so for more information and to book on line for the next one visit my website - www.fabulousmissk.co.uk/events for all the details.


  1. Hi Karen, I was gutted to miss this. Please do another one soon and hope you are feeling well xxxx

    1. We are running some more workshops with different themes you can check out the details on the website - www.fabulousmissk.co.uk/events but we will do another Sex and the City one soon I promise!! xx