Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Movie Star fashion

In my opinion (for what is is worth), they don't make movie stars like they used - you wouldn't have seen the likes of Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, both the Hepburn's - Kate and Audrey or any other Hollywood icon papped looking scruffy in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.

They looked fabulous on screen and off, I know that it was much of the studio's doing not wanting the public to see their stars not looking glamorous but what is the harm in that - there is no mystery now with movie stars - all their dirty laundry is out to dry in the mags and Internet??

I know that it is not possible to look like a movie star everyday but making a little effort to add some glamour makes you feel better, and being a vintage gal that's what its all about??

Kathryn Hepburn

Audrey in Funny Face

Joan Crawford