Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Grown Up Dressing

I must admit I don't own much reproduction vintage clothing I do prefer the originals but due to a rather unfortunate incident while dancing at the Vintage Norwich Award Ceremony I heard a rip and on investigation discovered a large tear in a very beautiful 40's dress - fortunately I managed to fix it but due to the fact that originals can be delicate I have looked at some reproduction pieces.

I think that there are some lovely dresses out there but I do find some of them a little "young" for me - too many "cutsie" fabrics - and as a lady who channels Grace Kelly rather than Pin Up style and as a woman approaching her 50's I have to be careful not to look like "mutton dressed as lamb" and one company that I have discovered has some elegant dresses that I could quite happily see myself in - one is even called after Grace herself.

So take a look at the fabulous dresses on www.hubbahubbavintage.com - and get some "grown up" vintage style.

The "Grace" dress - this would be lovely with a pair of pumps, white gloves and a Kelly bag - perfect for summer days.

The "Veronica" dress - such a simple style and so 40's - I would wear it with in the day with a fabulous little hat or in the evening with some chandelier earrings

Just loved this picture so fun but sophisticated at the same time!!