Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Work in Progress

Apologies for being a bit lax in posted in recent days but I have been working hard on getting the Fabulous Miss K collection ready.

I have decided on the pieces to showcase at NFW next year and my fabulous pattern cutter is busy putting all my ideas into practise!!!

Every once and a while I get a wobble thinking that I am taking on a huge task but it is all coming together and everyone around me seems to have faith so I am sure it will work out fine in the end???

Fabrics have been sourced and I am now looking into UK based manufacturers to make the collection for me, I am working on ideas for shoots and events to launch the collection and get it out there - so much work to do and before I know it March will be here!!!

Just to give a you a sneaky peak at what is brewing here is my "look book"......

I am getting very excited now but just a little scared too but nothing ventured nothing gained and this has been a dream for a very long time and dreams really can come true!!!