Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Autumn Style

Although I love summer I do adore it when Autumn starts to creep in - the chance to wear my favourite vintage suits, cute hats, matching gloves and a little fur around the collar.  It's those bright, crisp mornings that are chilly enough to need more than a summer frock but not so cold that you need to wear 10 layers to get warm.

You can get more inventive with Autumn outfits and I just love the fabrics - tweeds, wools, felt for hats and the softness of fur, the colours for me are also fabulous - rich browns, deep reds, forest greens and oranges mixed with neutrals in grey and navy.

Each season I put together my little look book with outfit ideas working with what items I already own and a few things that I may have to treat myself to just to update last seasons wardrobe you understand???

This season I am loving greys, and navy as a neutral mixed with peacock blue, rich reds, deep greens and purples.

I have a suit just like this, the hat and gloves so now to buy the scarf to finish the outfit off.

Just a few of the outfits I am going to be working this season - what are you planning to wear for Autumn???

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  1. Wonderful ideas Karen! If you're ever itching to write a guest post, we'd be honored to have you over at our Vintage Directory and blog