Monday, 27 January 2014

Rainy day fashion

Dull, miserable damp weather typical of this time of year and most of us are tempted to imitate the gloom with dark and drab outfits - why not brighten up the day with some colourful clothing!!

Don a hat - not only will it help with frizzy hair - the bain of my life - however carefully style my hair the moment I step outside it will end up frizzy so hats not only save me from a "bad hair" day but it can also be a fabulous way to add some colour into your outfit.

 High - heeled wellies - Having to avoid rain splattered pavements and puddles is a nightmare for shoes whether your preference is for original or repro they will both get ruined in this weather. They are lots of great colours and patterns on the high-street and some even have heels!!
 Bright rain mac  - protecting you vintage outfits with specially designed rain mac in fun colours - find one that will pack in your bag and pull it out if you get caught in a down pour.
Banish black coats - instead of the normal dull black or grey winter coats wear a bright coloured one, it will brighten up you day and make a few people smile along the way.
Whatever the weather stay warm and bright - what is you favourite outfit to cheer up the dull days - send me pictures - would love to see you in them??


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