Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Luxury Vintage Christmas Gifts

Last week I shared some ideas that wouldn't make you bank manager unhappy this week I thought I would give him a scare!!!  This is my fantasy list of vintage Christmas gifts - some are just expensive so saving up or maxing out the credit card would be a possibility and some are just pure indulgence and will have to wait until the lottery win but a gal can dream can't she!!!???

Originally made for Grace Kelly the classic bag from Hermes - so stylish and elegant but big enough for carrying around everyday essentials.
A set of Louis Vuitton Luggage or a steamer trunk like this one. Luxury travel as it used to be.
Paris to Venice on The Orient Express - the British Pullman is not cheap but affordable but it has always been my dream to travel overnight and wake up in a different country, with Deco luxury to boot!!
I love my vintage and wear it everyday, I have a vast collection that continues to grow but to have an original from one of the great designers such as Chanel, Dior or Schiaparelli would be the ultimate dream.
Vintage Champagne - anyone that knows me knows my love for fizz - to buy a vintage bottle and share with all my fabulous friends - what fun!!
Now what gal wouldn't want this for a present - a wardrobe full of shoes - enough said!!
Afternoon tea at the Ritz - not for everyday but a little be of "affordable" luxury to indulge in at least once in a lifetime!
Vintage brooch made by Cartier for Wallis Simpson - a piece that would be worth a fortune now but just a little vintage piece of jewellery in my stocking - pretty please!!
Cat slippers and eye mask from Charlotte Olympia - expensive at £395 but oh sooo cute!!

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  1. Such lovely items, I'd be happy with any one of these things in my Christmas stocking! x