Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer inspiration and ideas.

The sun has finally come out to play, sitting at my desk I can see feel the heat through the window and see the flowers gently move in the breeze.

I would love to be out there soaking up some rays but needs must and I have to crack on with work - a photo shoot to plan, a fashion show to organise and press packs to send out to companies - not rest for the wicked or fabulous!!!

Summer makes me feel better and more alive - my thoughts turn to lazy day picnics, bright coloured vintage swimsuits and floral dresses, sitting in the sunshine with a glass of bubbly.

So just a quick post to share some of my favourite summer images and inspiration. Not much of a theme just pictures I love and make me feel good!!

Just a few of lovely summer images to brighten up you day - what are your favourite images that make you think of sunny days???

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